maxi & mega yacht sails

In Maxi and Mega Yachts sail design and production, UK Sailmakers Türkiye is between the leading lofts in the group.Inventive projects are created by our designers for strength and high performance to meet the hard conditions in open seas.


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racing sails

Our brand is offering for your use all types of racing sails competitively priced.Well aware of competitors demands related to performance and budget, our team coordinates with race teams in order to achive the boat’s

goal speeds


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cruising sails

UK Sailmakers is serving sailors with more than 50 lofts and service points spread throughout the world as one the leading and long-established brands in sailing.

Welcome to UK Sailmakers Turkey

The international partner of the brand, UK Sailmakers Türkiye started sail making in Istanbul in 2001. With trust building towards the brand, to be able to respond to increasing demands more efficiently, UK Sailmakers Türkiye moved the loft to Marmaris and, with 2250 m2 production hall and 950 m2 loft table, is continuing production and services with modern machinery keeping up with developing technology.

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