Your sails are soaked in a special washing solution to removethe salt and stains. Unfortunately there is no guarantee to remove the oil and rust stainssoaked into the sail cloth. Whiteners or pressurised water might remove the stain but as it will damage the sail cloth, will certainly shorten the sail life, therefore definitely not advisible.



After washing and drying, sails are checked throughly for tears and other damage. In case repairs are required, customer is contacted eith related pricing and request for approval.



We repair your sails using high quality threads resistant to sun and sea water. All materials and accessories used for repairs will be original equipment or better. Replacement of telltails is included in winter maintenance price. Price offer given and approved repair prices and the cost of spare materials(clamcleat, cloth, batten, etc.)used are added to the cost of winter maintenance.


Winter Service

Sails are a substantial investment, and sails whose yearly maintenance is correctly made can serve you for years. In this respect UK Sailmakers is continuing to expand its service network throughout Turkey.


UK Lazy Bag

UK Lazy Bag is definitely the easiest way to fold and to protect your mainsail from the sun. Our sail protection systems are a mixture of acrylic sail cover and lazy jack. Only release your halyard and ensure your mainsail neatly folded in UK-Lazy Bag just pulling the zip to close the cover will be enough. Your mainsail will be easily packed and protected from the sun within minutes.


UV Band Change

UV Band is made with a special cloth to prevent your sails from sun damage. When you have a problem with UV Band, this has to be changed fairly quickly in order to protect your sail from UV light. Acrylic, self adesive dacron or UV Dacron is used as UV band cloth. Also the thread used is with UV protection and durable. In UV band changes we also change the corner straps and for reinforcement we use leather as in new sails. Speicialy for UV band changes, we use heavy duty sail sawing machines in order to sew the corners stiffined by salt and sun. If these machinary and correct material is not used the UV band change will not be correct and will look and be protected worst than before.r.


Covers & Tents

Our canvas department is specially established to produce high quality covers and bags. In our sail loft, canvas work is also done with the same high quality care.

- Boom Cover

- Sun Awning

- Net Sun Awning

- Spinnaker Race Bag

- Spray Hood

- Bimini

- Dinghy Cover

- Wind Scoope

- Wheel Cover

- Winch Covers

- Hatch Covers

- Sheet Bag


Sail Adaptation

Although most of our work is to repair ripped open or torn apart sails we also offer much more than that. We can add additional reefs to your mainsail or we can modify them to full batten instead of standard batten. If you are having difficulties to hoist or lower your mainsail we can change your existing sliders with better working systems