Matrix Titanium

MatriX Titanium® is UK Sailmakers’s highest performance sail construction method. These sails are the result of a twelve-year research and development program undertaken by the UK Sailmakers loft in southern France. MatriX Titanium® sails are the ultimate load path sails. They are are finement of the original load path sails introduced by UK Sailmakers more than 25 years ago: those sails were (and still are) known as Tape-Drive®. MatriX Titanium® sails are unique among the membrane genre for a number of reasons:

- Our sails have the continuous yarn technology. The yarns bearing the loads are continuous without any cut from head point to clew, from head point to tack, from clew to tack. The leaves are not cut and glued later on.

- No resin or glue is used in production hence 10-15% lighter and stretching & breaking of yarns is minimized.

- As they are laminated in humidity controlled high pressure ovens there is no delamination guarantee for 2 years.

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