Tape Drive Racing

If you participate in sailing races, you expect your sail, your crew and your boat to be fast, durable and versatile.

UK Sailmakers has been dedicated for over 25 years to improve and refine the fastest and the most durable patented racing sails on the market: Tape-Drive® sails. Tape-Drive® is a privilege for UK Sailmakers customers because of advances in design, construction and materials, which provides versatility for these special sails.

Tape-Drive® is a patented two-part construction process, in which the structural strength of the sail and the skin that defines sail's three dimensional shape are separate elements. In this unique process, Tape-Drive® marries a grid of high strength, low stretch tapes

- the structural strength

- to a three-dimensionally shaped membrane

- the fabric or skin.

The grid carries the primary structural loads of the sail,while the membrane produces aerodynamic lift.


A sail's wind range is a function of two things; its ability to lift and fill in light air and its ability to hold its designed shape when highly loaded. The lightness of Tape-Drive® sails not only widens their wind range but lighter sails are faster because they create less pitching and heeling.