Racing Sails

Matrix Titanium

MatriX Titanium® is UK Sailmakers’s highest performance sail construction method. These sails are the result of a twelve-year research and development program .

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Uni-Titanium sails are UK Sailmakers latest Grand Prix product. “Uni” refers to the thin sheets of uni-directional carbon films that are laminated into the sail... 

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X- Drive

UK Sailmakers has been dedicated for over 25 years toimprove and refine the fastest and the most durablepatented racing sails on the market: x-DRIVE® sails.

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Code Zero

The Code Zero is an intermediate between a genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker that is used forsailing close to the wind in light air.

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Racing Spinnaker

Resulting from the tests made, UK Sailmakers is aware of the fact of making thebest spinnaker sails in the world with the design

Matrix Cut.

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